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Polluted Oxygen the same color as oxygen?

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Am I seeing sky blue polluted oxygen or a bug? because in this pic there is no oxygen only CO2 and slime that produce contaminated O2 

polluted oxygen.png


Steps to Reproduce
I happen to notice it while digging through the bottom. Did not notice it in start of the game. I restart the game and still the same. The water on the right side is polluted water

User Feedback

its showing concentration of breathable gas. not what the gas is. the light blue means very breathable it has no mention in the legend on the side of what any of the gasses are just how breathable the area is

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On ‎3‎/‎31‎/‎2017 at 9:20 AM, Duplicant10011 said:

When pressed F1 the Polluted Oxygen should be brown or the devs change it in the thermal update to color blue?

read the legend on the side it never says oxygen polluted oxygen hydrogen or chlorine or carbon dioxide. it says high concentration (light blue),sufficient concentration, low concentration and unbreathable. contaminated oxygen is breathable has all ways been breathable

you can see the green gas that is contaminated oxygen on the regular view as it is very different from the clear clean color of the oxygen

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In thermal upgrade (I think?), they changed the overlay to an "oxygen overlay" instead of a gas overlay. I much preferred the gas overlay tbh. Or to have both.

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