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Pneumatic Door Softlock

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A Pneumatic door being set to the closed setting  soft-locked duplicates at night, and the rest of the game. They would not move from trying to go sleep and would not reset the door to Auto. 

Steps to Reproduce
Build a pneumatic door separating duplicates from cots and as only entry in. Set pneumatic door to closed setting and wait until night. Duplicates will keep trying to pass it to sleep, but will not stop (until passing out).

User Feedback

They are stuck at the closed pneumatic door (they spent there all day and night trying to swap something)


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Same probleme here, in my case it's happening at any time if the door is closed and work is required on the other side.

My door is right next to a ladder...

If another dupe change the door state, it will liberate the blocked dupe.


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