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  1. Whenever I play this game, it continually uses more and more RAM, eventually using significantly more than it does normally and causing slowdowns and audio problems: music and sound being delayed or repeated. If I leave it for too long, it eventually makes the controls sluggish and pausing/unpausing the game take forever. RAM usage doesn't seem to increase when it's paused. The most annoying part is actually that quitting from a world to the main menu seems to spike RAM usage and freeze the game entirely if it's already using too much, so that my entire computer it significantly slowed and I have to very slowly use the task manager to shutdown the game. Once the game is closed, the extra RAM usage does properly go away. I have had significantly greater problems with this recently, as I have a world that hit 138 days, and while previously I could play for 4-5 hours without having to quit out, on this world, I can only play 1. Here's a timeline of what happens to my game's RAM usage when I launch the save and play normally, building, digging, and moving some water around: 2,574,132 K RAM Base; 2095952K RAM after 3 mintues of use; 3,415,756K RAM After 45 minutes; 4,605,26K RAM after 1 hour; 5,721,732K RAM after 1 1/2 hours when audio problems kicked in (7.7/8GB used) Attached is the world which is most affected by this problem. Grey Mesa.sav
  2. I've experienced this, as well; sometimes duplicants won't pathfind through locked doors, sometimes they will.