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  1. Hi, I have the same issue. It's not the first time it happen, this trap system is nice but moving creatures really don't work... So I took the time to see it happen, in my save you just have to wait and some dupe will shortly come and take the slickster in the oil biome at the bottom of my base. The dupe take the creature but release it after a random duration, it happens while opening a door, while climbing a ladder... Maybe because it's far and the dupe need to breathe, piss, eat so he stopped carring it... Anyway, it's boring cause the traps aren't cheap... Hope you will find how the fix this ! Thanks Inescapable Spacecamp.sav
  2. Yep but the water just under tells 3091 germs for 999.9 Kg water, I didn't showed the right frame... 2371 germs for 3,3 kg water is wrong, regarding the global germs level in all that tank...
  3. I had the same issue. The falling water was on purpose... The polluted water is distilled so germs won't grow and heated so germs will die faster. I was trying to allow the water with less germs to overflow but... as it start to fall it started to multiplies very very fast... between screenshot 2 and 3 there is only like 3 seconds of game at regular speed. So i put my save, maybe it will help... In the mean time I suppose my idea won't work ... I hope you will find why ! (ps: English isn't my birth tongue, I hope it's clear) The Radioactive Base Germs bug.sav
  4. Yes the reload fixed the thing, 3 dupes went for power generation in the morning in my game too. I don't know what happened, that's why I posted it here. My dupes were close to suffocate cause I had no power. My Manuals Generators were set on 30% but my batteries were totally empty for a while. Anyway it's working fine now. Thanks for the answer !
  5. After reloading the save, it seems to work fine...
  6. Hi, My 3 batteries are empty and nobody runs Manuals Generators... probably because it says "Batteries sufficiently full" but they aren't... Everything seems to be well plugged. RadioactiveBase -BatteriesBug.sav output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  7. I had puft blocked in a tile just by constucting the block over it... (he was already immobilize, like glued by the head, probably when i constructed a block just on top of him in a bad timing)
  8. I have 3 suits that let an invisible "echo" were they fell after fabrication, as showed on the picture. The strange thing is owners came to wear them several time and, as you can see, i can request a sweep on the echo. Just after I took the picture, dupes (suits owners) were idle and came to wear their suits and this time suits disappeared... Now, I have invisible Harold's Warm Sweater instead (he also came to put on a suit and he was and is still wearing it). I tried my best but english is not my language, sorry for mistakes, I hope my explanation is clear... Thanks for all the nice work you are doing !
  9. Same probleme here, in my case it's happening at any time if the door is closed and work is required on the other side. My door is right next to a ladder... If another dupe change the door state, it will liberate the blocked dupe.