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Plumber skill nearly useless since everyone else does the job too

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The plumber job enables deconstruction of pipes without spilling their contents.  This is nearly rendered useless since there is no way to make sure that only the plumber deconstructs pipes.  Everyone else tries to do it too, spilling the contents.


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Hello @psusi. Plumber job is not the deconstruction of pipe, but there is another command "empty pipe". Look at your tools in bottom right.


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It's still not very useful, as emptying pipes requires a lot of time and you can't reconstruct it in the same time, so if there's a problem you first have to waste time emptying the pipe and onlt THEN can you deconstruct/rebuild it. I'd typically just deconstruct it and let the water flow. The only problem would be if you're spilling something reaaaaly hot or  if you're spilling polluted water over a clean water well - then you'd probably want to be careful and empty pipes properly.

Moreover, deconstructing bridges doesn't spill anything and causes liquid to stop flowing, which is also a nice way to reroute or fix piping. Especially if you use mass bridges instead of pipes, it makes changes a lot easier.

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OHh, I hadn't noticed that button.  I thought it would just be smart enough to have the plumber empty it while deconstructing.


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