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Pips stop action at 100% egg chances

Knives Chau
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And If i build under it,  it will get buried by the construction

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You'll want to attach a save file demonstrating this.

I'm guessing that something else is at play, though, because pips are always 100% egg chance. There's no other pip variant like some critters. They do freeze up sometimes, wild or not--but I've always figured it was a nuance of their pathfinding/ai. they'll usually move eventually to find food or rummage a storage bin for seeds. Since it's wild, it's not about to lay an egg -- they should only lay one in their lifetime, near the end of their life.

However, it does have the status "rummaging for seeds", implying either there's a seed on the square behind it, or it's trying to find a storage bin to rummage through. Probably it's stuck because it can't find a path to one, yet.

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I agree, I think it is the fact that it gets stuck "rummaging for seeds" as is shown in your screenshot. This issue has been identified many times now. This is when it cannot actually reach where it wants to rummage; causing the pathing to freeze. This has happened with creatures and duplicants in the past.





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