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Only half of my rocket returned.

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My rocket landed normally and then I loaded game from autosave to cycle 1233.

Rocket was alredy on underway status and then that happend.

Rocket return without any engine parts. I made a few flights before without problems. 

I tried to load game to cycle 1232 but that didn't help. Some data was alredy overrited?

tosterek Cycle 1232.sav

tosterek Cycle 1233.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Maybe loading game with rocket almost landing made that bug?

User Feedback

1 hour ago, SchlauFuchs said:

This bug has been described to be caused by loading a saved game where the rocket is on space mission. 

Is it possible to delete rocket and save rocketman somehow :D, sandbox is crashing game, and not returning a pilot :(

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