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  1. Stopped playing, mid game freezes became more freequent, something not right, waiting for fix If game save needed, i could upload np.
  2. Performance is very bad in this snapshot, it's freezes for minutes if to select Harvest plants tool too and just in mid game. Previous version was smooth.
  3. Hello, developers! Please, if this possible, add build, destroy, mop etc priority remembering like already done with objects priorities. This would be tremendously convenient, if game will remember previously selected priority instead of default 5. Thanx!
  4. Is there any hope that could be added new button in Job tree to promote dupe to the next stage in one click? Or something more smart to do promotions faster? After 24 dupes it's a bit a mess who was where and to find specific dupe to promote not simple. And is it possible for game to remember default selected priority on actions (dig, destroy etc) like it already did with priority on building? I constantly switch to priority 9.
  5. Seems like planet loot amount should be re balanced a lot. It's just too small amount of materials and so much waiting time to do anything advanced. To create somewhere short liquid pipe of abyssalite to transfer liquid oxygen instead of ceramic will take probably a week or so.
  6. After update i still cant delete or land rocket without crash, please help.
  7. Is it possible to delete rocket and save rocketman somehow :D, sandbox is crashing game, and not returning a pilot
  8. Hi. Rocket cannot land without game crash, because invisible command capsule left after rocket launched. I can't delete it with sandbox mode too, please help, can't continue to play Test.sav
  9. Trying to use auto sweepers to automate farms, placed 8 to load and 1 to unload with one main common rail, lag become unplayable even in idle mode until destroyed all auto sweepers Something wrong with optimizations or with me?
  10. Hi, i can't disable printing pod and thermo aquatuner, is it a bug or i'm stupid? upd Sorry, should to set someone to Toggle priority, it was standard priority.
  11. Yeah, day ~150 still constantly crashing %) I understand, but seems like that geysers are too slow. Need to play more anyway, probably they will rebalance geysers after enought play data
  12. If i understand right, geysers are useless now? Too slow to generate needed amount of gas or water %)