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[Old bug] Tiles over buildings

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This is an old bug that, to my knowledge, never got reported.

Someone already did a great video demonstrating it:

By replacing a tile with another tile of another material just before it's deconstructed, you can build another building inside.

Once re-built, tiles have a weird behavior, interacting with the world in some ways, but not in others:

  • from the sim perspective, they are seen as regular tiles
  • from Dupes perspective, they will go through if there is a door inside
  • from other buildings perspective, they exist for requirements (Wall Pot see them as a valid wall)
  • but it doesn't prevent buildings inside from working

A few examples:

  • There is a mechanized door set to "Open" just left of the printing pod. Dupes can go through, gases cannot.
  • The Bluff Briars are inside Wall pots.This is for demonstration, but the real value is to combine it with this exploit.
  • The Liquid Pump is tricked by the droplet of water and will pump the magma without transferring it with it at 10kg/s. This is by far easier than non-exploit methods to do that.
  • The Gas Pump is tricked to pump and will not exchange heat with the bottom left gases. Unfortunately, it's coded in a way that it requires line of sight to pump, and this exploit doesn't work there : it's actively pumping, but it doesn't output anything. Before reload, it was depleting the gas, after reload it doesn't anymore.


Here is the save with the already built contraptions:

General experimentations.sav

Steps to Reproduce
  • Build a tile with any material except the desired one.
  • Deconstruct that tile.
  • Just after the progress bar disappear, but before the tile is removed, order the construction of a tile with the desired material at that place. The previous material will fall out and the new tile will be queued for construction.
  • It's now possible to build buildings inside that tile before it's fully built. Order the construction of a building there.
  • Let Dupes construct both the tile and the building in the same cell.
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User Feedback

Maximum exploitation of the bug :)
building on building

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