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Oil Refinery - dupe kicked away

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I don't know how else to say it than the dupe is jumping away.

I've always been short of petroleum, but never figured out why. Watching the dupe that operating the refinery I found the problem. When they walk up to it and spin the wheel, after a random amount of spins, they get kicked over two tiles to the left and out of the range of the wheel. Then they walk back to it and spin again only to be kicked over. And this goes on and on.

I don't know how to do video captures, but would be the only real way to show it happening. Most of the time they do only one second so I only get 5kg of petrol. This is killing me in time wasted traveling down there to operate it for one second.

Screen shot shows where they stopped for a second and then resumed production. Twice.


Steps to Reproduce
Oil refinery in oil biome with clock sensor attached. Set to pri 9 (because I need petroleum and count on normal operations), watch dupe operate for 1-10 seconds, get kicked two tiles left, walk back and repeat.

User Feedback

I've also just started having this issue today. My oil refinery is pretty much unusable. I've tried rebuilding it and moving to a new location but it made no difference.

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Same here. 
Also, they tend to ignore the refineries on priority 9, they prefer to operate the wheels on priority 5.
7 dupes are on operating duty, with 4 of them exclusively, any other action prohibited.
Got two oil wells running but colony is dying of power failure.

ONI Oil Refinery ignored small.jpg

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Could a developer at least acknowledge the bug or suggest a work around? priority 5 doesn't make a difference for me. It's like as soon as they start working it they are automatically assigned a new task. Even if I lock them in so that no other tasks can be done.

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Almost a year later and it's still a problem! I literally CANNOT play this game because of this one stupid bug the devs refuse to even acknowledge!

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