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[OI 234935] Malfunctioning Thermo-Regulator

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I have a big setup with 4 Thermo-Regulator in a row, to cool down Hydrogen in order to cool down Polymer Press and other stuff, it means that Hydrogen lose 56°C when passing through the setup. So I know I can have really low temperature quickly.


When I loaded the save, the setup wasn't functioning anymore: the Hydrogen wasn't cooled down for less than -80°C. Each Thermo-Regulator refused to cool the gas under this temperature. The gas entered at roughly -60°C/-70°C so the first Thermo-Regulator cooled it down to -77.9°C, but the others didn't allowed it to go under this level.

I exited the game and launched it again, reloaded my save, and the Thermo-Regulators cooled the gas to less than 80°C again.


Also, that time when the "bug" happened wasn't the first time I loaded my save since the last game upgrade.

Steps to Reproduce
Start a save, the Thermo-Regulators will not function as intended. Reloading the save correct that. It seems quite random.

User Feedback

I saw a bug the other day where a thermal aquatuner had mass stuck in its storage and it was using the temperature of that mass to determine the cooling. It might be the same thing with the thermoreg. 

You should post a save though,  since its not really possible to know whats going on based solely on the description

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