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  1. Oh okay, thanks xD Oh, and to answer to you too: Yes it can! Water is not very good for it...
  2. Yeah, part of the cooling liquid still goes in the pipe for me too. I know that can happen, but the thing is, the polluted water was only at 50°C... I saw no Steam, and there was polluted water on the ground, but if steam condenses it can't liquefy into polluted water... Yeah, part of the cooling liquid still goes in the pipe for me too. I know that can happen, but the thing is, the polluted water was only at 50°C... I saw no Steam, and there was polluted water on the ground, but if steam condenses it can't liquefy into polluted water... EDIT (7 Novemeber) : I updated the bug report as I discovered what seems to be the root of the glitch.
  3. I have a Metal Refinery inside a cold biome, running with sufficient power, and I'm using polluting water as the cooling liquid. Each time a Dupe finishes the refinement (I'm making iron here), a lot of Bottled Polluted Water drops on the ground, instead of going in the output pipes... It is annoying as I want to use the output liquid directly, it's a waste of time to micro-manage the dropped bottle. The dropped Bottle has really strange properties, I can't select it, Dupes don't want to sweep it, but the game consider it as it was here (in the temperature overlay, it still display the bottle with its corresponding color). I also noticed that if I save the game, quit the save and reload the save (without exiting the game), the strange dropped Bottle disappear, and the Metal Refinery works as intended, until a Dupe finishes yet another metal batch. One time I also saw a pipe broke near the output pipe, for no real reasons (the liquid didn't froze, the temperature was correct, the UI didn't inform me of anything in particular), but the pipes were a bit clogged (I don't know if pipe breaking due to clogging is a thing). To finish, I want to say that it's said nowhere in the Metal Refinery's description that we can put any liquid in it, and that the output liquid is hotter. It should be specified, it's not very understandable the first time. EDIT (7 November) : I noticed that the strange glitched Bottled Liquid is actually delivered by a Duplicant! My Metal Refinery is high priority (7), the maximum I have, and the same as the Bottle Emptier for Polluted Water... After some tests, I found that the bug still happened, there is a big loss in cooling liquid between the input and the output after the use. Also, I want to say that the fact that Refineries won't work when the input pipes doesn't have any liquid (the machine displays "empty pipes"), even if there is enough cooling liquid inside it, is kind of annoying...
  4. I think I've found why the game crash a lot with a log filled with "NullReferenceException". Whenever I touch to the decor part of the game, it tend to crash very easily. It includes: - Selecting a decor building (statue, flower pot, blank canvas...) in order to place it. - Building one. - Displaying the decor overlay, maybe when it's updating where the mouse cursor is (finishing a decor building, a dupe pass with drab clothes...) Hope I helped you for fixing this bug, it's kind of hard to play with it, as it crashes the game a lot.
  5. It's also doing this with ruin's tiles, and the cracks from buried objects in tiles...
  6. I saw that too, they don't lose their priority, it's just a UI bug. The UI seems to not show the priority when building something, or when opening the object's description. With the priority overlay, it still show the true priority of all objects.
  7. Whenever I try to make my duplicants mop some liquid on the floor, their animation doesn't work as intended and they're locked to one sprite. The mopping is working well beside the animation though.
  8. I have a big setup with 4 Thermo-Regulator in a row, to cool down Hydrogen in order to cool down Polymer Press and other stuff, it means that Hydrogen lose 56°C when passing through the setup. So I know I can have really low temperature quickly. When I loaded the save, the setup wasn't functioning anymore: the Hydrogen wasn't cooled down for less than -80°C. Each Thermo-Regulator refused to cool the gas under this temperature. The gas entered at roughly -60°C/-70°C so the first Thermo-Regulator cooled it down to -77.9°C, but the others didn't allowed it to go under this level. I exited the game and launched it again, reloaded my save, and the Thermo-Regulators cooled the gas to less than 80°C again. Also, that time when the "bug" happened wasn't the first time I loaded my save since the last game upgrade.
  9. I don't know if it was like that before, but the Algae Terrarium stop working above 1800g (I think) of gas pressure around it. As the Carbon Dioxide can exceed this amount easily, I found myself stuck early with pools of Carbon Dioxide at 2500g pressure that I cannot get rid off. Before the Oil Upgrade preview, I didn't had any problems with that. I also noticed that my Oxygen in my base is now at a pressure above 1800g, Oxygen comes from Electrolyzers and is distributed with normal Gas Vents, they overpressure above 2000g. For the same reason, some of my Dupes get the "Popped Ear Drums" effect quite easily in my base, just by going into the Carbon Dioxide pool under my base. Or am I supposed to control the air pressure with gas valves? But even with only Algae Electrolyzers I had the Carbon Dioxide high-pressure problem.
  10. On any tile or object (from what I tried), if I first disable the autorepair and then click again to enable the autorepair, the tile or object need repair, even if its "health" was full and there wasn't any repair needed. This happen even if the object or tile was never damaged once. The amount of material needed for the repair vary for one object to another (I think it depends on the mass of the object itself).
  11. Yes, but then there are two choices, nobody is allowed to disinfect, so you can't disinfect important things manually unless you go back to the jobs tab, or at least one or more Dupes are constantly disinfecting forever :/
  12. Basically I can't play anymore, half of my Dupes are constantly disinfecting tiles in swamps biomes, because I built tiles in them to keep the germs out of the air (it works well, if there is not too much polluted oxygen) When they disinfected it, the blocks just keep being re-infected and the Dupes go to disinfect them again, and again... And they ignore EVERY other tasks for it, it's unplayable :/ As said just before, the cap is 100k but some disinfected blocks are switching back to 1 million in a few seconds. And disabling all these tiles takes forever. Some Dupes even disinfect tiles where I disabled the auto-disinfection! Set a box to uncheck auto-disinfection completely please :/