odd Merging of Gas in/after Pipe Junction

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The configuration of pipes on the left site merges two consecutive packages into one and leaving one space between each package.

Setting the left valve to following values has the described effect:

<=500g/s: The packages are merged and one space is left between the next merged package.

>500g/s: The packages are merged and one space is left between the next merged package. The gas that could not be merged due to volume > 1000g stays behind decreasing the flow rate.

Edge case 1000g/s: packages are spaced one apart effectively halving the flow rate.

In the save the valve is set to 309.9g/s and the effect can immediately be observed upon unpausing.


Pipe Stopped.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Construct a pipe section as shown on the picture

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


the pipe is a track in this situation its detecting an incoming track so its making every other position available. the valve itself is making the pipe think it has an active lane coming. I have that happen on one of my coolers I only pump 300g/s into the radiator its attached to837D4E3E60A9185E7FAC00EF45EC59AD578EF220

on mine it starts along the insulated line coming from the air pump and splits or compresses at that junction and will keep that gap till after it passes the outlet to the radiator. if the thermal regulator is cooling it will look as though the pipes are full but it will actually be 2 separate masses with separate temps. that eventually combine in the pump chamber.

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