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Not enough interstellar research points

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As the title mentions, there are simply too few research points on the interstellar map. You can reach the first few asteroids with the steam engine which will net you around 250 points, but the next research already costs 400 points and the other asteroids are out of reach for the steam engine. There are simply too few points available. Please, please fix this before the weekend. In order to have this work, you'd need atleast quadruple the asteroids within the 10k km reach, or quadruple the research points (because even though double is technically enough, you can choose the wrong type of research and end up being stuck. So you do need 4x the available insterstellar points within reach of the steam engine to ensure you can't lock yourself out of further asteroids and research.

Steps to Reproduce
Do the calculations; you'll see you will get enough research points. Steam engine gets you maximum 18,000km far (not even counting for the weight penalty), but only one asteroid is in that reach. So that's 250 points.

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Research Modules generate 10 Data Banks per trip even if the destination has no more research items

2 hour after you have this upgrade

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