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No warning to work when giving a dupe an all breaktime schedule

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I was playing around with schedules and realized that the scheduler gives warnings if certain conditions aren't met.


Travaldo is placed on an all downtime schedule, but the only warning is for no sleep.  I think there should be a warning for no work shift assigned here which does show up if the duplicant is placed on a all bedtime schedule.

Steps to Reproduce
create schedule that is all downtime>check warnings

User Feedback

I have also noticed this. Although I'm not sure it is a bug. A Dupe requires sleep, however they do not need work.


I created a schedule without work to troubleshoot a dupe starving despite having plenty of food. The warning of no sleep time was useful. A warning for not having work time could have got annoying.   On the other hand had I forgot to transfer back to their normal schedule, it would have been useful then. #confused_emoji

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