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No operation animations while wearing atmo suit

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Duplicant is operating a molecular forge while wearing an atmo suit, but they're just standing next to the machine in an idle Untitled.thumb.png.ffb7ff9fa41543aadb8ca778aa0d9cd7.pnganimation.


This is in "development" build Q2-311032

Steps to Reproduce
Setup atmo suits and buildings and queue fabrications

User Feedback

Hi @silentsnack,

That's just what the operating animation for the molecular forge looks like :)  They will use the button pad to start the machine, and then watch it while it works.

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Ah, maybe that's what it is, because what I keep seeing is the dupe moving to interact with the center of the machine somehow (i.e. standing to the right of the buttons) before running over to the left and watching it.

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