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  1. I keep seeing these slicksters using some hack that lets them clip into solid rock. Better than having them drown because the game spawned them in a big oil lake but still odd. Also they keep falling into liquid and drowning even though they're supposed to be able to swim? Unfathomable Hole.sav In my current save there are three stucksters.
  2. Rigged up a conveyor loop to melt ice to refill my water reservoir and a separate one to melt polluted ice. Regular ice melts just fine and disappears, but when the polluted ice melts it leaves empty packets that clog the rail, so no more ice gets loaded into the loop. Unfathomable Hole.sav
  3. Just noticed that building a wire over a toilet or shower plays the louder/lower 'clunk' noise normally associated with connecting a building's pipe/electrical port, even if the building has no wire port. Only applies when building across the bottom left tile for those mentioned, though it may apply to others. Probably anything that has a pipe inlet but no electricity.
  4. Got a weird one here, I had a dupe get incapacitated except he glitched out and got stuck in place on a ladder. The first image shows right after loading the save, it properly shows that he's dying Second image shows one frame of the weird glitched flailing animation loop he's stuck in where he can't tell if he's incapacitated or climbing or drowning or burning to death. Every frame it switches to a different animation which looks even more ridiculous than this game usually is. After a few reloads I managed to save him by using Red Alert and !! priority to deconstruct the wall of the water tank and the bottom 2 ladder sections, at the cost of flooding my base with scalding hot water. On the plus side, everyone got a good strength workout from the cleanup. Unfathomable Hole.sav
  5. Just saw an odd occurrence, my dupes were in space (mining regolith) without suits and somehow had a pleasant chitchat while holding their breaths and in a vacuum. I guess shrugging counts as a conversation, or they somehow use sign language without their hands?
  6. For some reason, every now and then my dupes go "idle" for a fraction of a second, during which time apparently they forget that there are things to do.
  7. Ah, maybe that's what it is, because what I keep seeing is the dupe moving to interact with the center of the machine somehow (i.e. standing to the right of the buttons) before running over to the left and watching it.
  8. I've also seen duplicants try to load oxylite into a rocket that had already taken off.
  9. The ladder beside the rocket stack doesn't work because dupes can't reach items/etc 3+ tiles horizontally from a ladder. And as you figured out, the boosters (and oxylite tanks) require accessing the bottom center tile. Engines/boosters being 7 tiles wide and most other modules being 5 tiles wide, you're gonna need a gantry either way. Good news is duplicants can walk on a broken gantry to make the delivery so you can just disable repairs and not bother with deconstructing it or connecting power/switches to retract it. (if you can tolerate a permanent "Broken building" message)
  10. Duplicant is operating a molecular forge while wearing an atmo suit, but they're just standing next to the machine in an idle animation. This is in "development" build Q2-311032
  11. After launching a rocket, sometimes parts of its sprite will remain on the screen after the rocket disappears, like this fuel(?) hose from a steam engine.
  12. Seeing other items being placed in destinations where they don't belong, like I'm pretty sure I never requested this rock granulator to produce steel. Since that isn't even an option.
  13. It isn't limited to ultra-wide rez, here it is with two instances of wrapping, in 1920x1080 (16:9)
  14. Every now and then, I've noticed my autosweepers just sit and do nothing even when there are pickup/delivery orders in their radius. Disabling and re-enabling the machine sometimes makes it start working again, otherwise save/load resets it. Timeline.sav
  15. The door built as normal, tried deconstructing it and it dropped 500kg steel