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New plants links don't work on Database

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Searching the name of the plant manually works.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Open Database 2. Click on Plants 3. None of the new plants work.

User Feedback

There are wrong link references in string file. I forget to continually report them. :D

<link=\"POTTEDBULB\">Buddy Bud</link> 
<link=\"BULBPLANT\">Buddy Bud</link> 

<link=\"POTTEDCACTUS\">Jumping Joya</link>
<link=\"CACTUSPLANT\">Jumping Joya</link>

<link=\"POTTEDLEAFY\">Mirth Leaf</link>
<link=\"LEAFYPLANT\">Mirth Leaf</link>

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