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New hatches teleport to different stables upon birth

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I have multiple max-size stables positioned directly on top of each-other. I use non-powered incubators to hatch eggs up to a total of 8 creatures/eggs in each stable, but whenever an egg hatches it usually results in the new critter being put in a different stable. This causes the hatches in that stable to begin expecting which fouls up my operation of using omelettes as the main food supply. It just requires that I wrangle one hatch to the other stable, but it gets really frustrating when you are managing 32 or 40 hatches. Attached save file.

Also, it would be really nice if you'd start regarding eggs as creatures again for purposes of the critter drop-off. My QoL went way down when that update happened.

Hovel Cycle 87.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Create multiple stables on top of each-other, and then place eggs in the stables for hatching. I leave the incubators unpowered. After the 20 required incubation cycles, the eggs usually hatch in a different stable.

User Feedback

So, just a bit more of observation, as it seems it may not be directly at birth. When the hatches break out of their eggs, they sit in the incubator for a while. If I manually remove them from the incubator. they go to the correct stable.

If I don't get around to removing them from the incubator manually because I'm doing other things, and they get removed automatically, they end up in the wrong stable and overcrowding it. 

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checked it out for fun but couldn't see anything going wrong? eggs get hatched, the baby critters stay in the incubators untill they reach adulthood and then they are ejected on the tiles the incubator is build on.

maybe make a vid of it?

as a solution to overcrowding you could make use of the auto wrangle option. and kill off excess critters in a critter friendly manner.

that said in the save, the lowest stable was already overcrowded.

I don't know if you know this but, when an egg hatches in an incubator a dupe will take the critter from the incubator and bring the newly hatched baby critter to the appropriate stable if available. so there is no need to place the incubators in the stables.
*I wonder about the fish though
**dupe might need the rancher proffesion?

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