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Mouse Re-bind Issue

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As I was looking over the key bindings, I accidentally changed my mouse bind keys.  And because of that, I am unable to go back into the key bind settings and change it back.  Anytime I click the "controls" button, it just closes and sends be back to the main menu.  Also, I did not notice a "set to default keys" type of button.  So I am unable to play the game at all.

Steps to Reproduce
- Open the "Controls" box - Unbind your left mouse button completely - Go to the main menu - Try to access the "Controls" menu again

User Feedback

Thanks Cheerio!  That did the trick.  I was able to go back into the "Controls" menu and it worked out perfectly.  Also, I did notice a "reset" button at the bottom of the controls menu box to reset the key bindings as well. :wilson_lightbulb:

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