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Modifier keys in "Name the Colony" incorrectly handled

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If you are typing in the "Name the Colony" field (when creating a new map) and you press the control key, it types "IJ" into the window. This also happens with meta (aka "win") , alt, etc (with different keys for each). Perhaps extended keycodes are not being handled correctly?

Note that the game handles such keys properly in other fields I've tested, such as renaming duplicants.

As a temporary workaround, you can paste into the field by pressing down and holding control (which types "IJ" into the field), pressing and releasing 'a' (which selects the entire field including the 'ij'), then pressing 'v' to do the actual paste, then releasing everything. This is... clunky, however.

Steps to Reproduce
1. New Game 2. Survival 3. Start Game 4. Click in "Name the Colony" field 5. Press "CTRL".

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