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Mod Crash (?) Leads to Automated Doors No Longer Functioning

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

After updating to the new 393231 build since it fixed a few annoyances and playing for a bit, I encountered a familiar "stop," which I think is mod-related but haven't been able to track down: Dupes move within range of their task (or in one case this time, next to a door) and then halt, never to move again. Usually when this happens, I quit and reload and it's fixed.

This time, as in the attached save, automated doors (several door pumps, the bunker door array at the top of the map, etc) and possibly normal doors as well do not open or otherwise operate. The overlay shows their state changing appropriately, but they don't open or lock, and don't allow gasses in when in the open state. The behavior persists in spite of disabling all mods as well -- but luckily the previous cycle is functioning correctly.

I'm wondering if this is just some sort of save corruption, since the thumbnail is also screwy.

FrozenDupes Cycle 2778.sav

FrozenDupes Cycle 2778.png

Steps to Reproduce
Soft crash the game (no exit/dialog) and allow an autosave, then load the save and observe door behavior. Simpler, load attached save. Not sure of the exact scenario leading up to this.
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User Feedback

Ooh. They're fairly infrequent but I'll grab the log next time. FYI while that info is accurate, the spoiler tag about log files on the actual bug report submission page is wrong--It points to the local steam folder, which has no logs.

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