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Missing Foundation if Deodorizer is Below

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So it seems that if a deodorizer is placed below the tile, any structure above said tile won't register that it has a foundation. The tile itself will also display a white gradient vertically and center. (See Attachment 1 (20180828090451_1.jpg) and 2 (20180828090510_1.jpg))

However, in attachment 3 (20180828090529_1.jpg), the problem is non-existent, though that never used to be the case, attachment 3 was affected just like the others but no longer is. At first, I thought it could only affect storage containers, and that it would only affect them when they were at a certain capacity; but now I've learned it can affect other buildings too, most notably the algae distiller.

Although there's not much polluted oxygen around attachment 3, there is some and the building is still running.

The two tiles being affected (attachment 1 & 2) are made of sandstone, and sedimentary rock; the two tiles not being affected (attachment 3) is also made of sandstone, and sedimentary rock, so the material may not play a large role in this bug.

I first discovered this with the storage containers, so upon reproducing, it may be best to use said structure above other choices.




Steps to Reproduce
Build a tile floor (preferably out of sandstone, or sedimentary rock); place a deodorizer in the tile directly beneath the floor; place a structure (preferably a storage container) on the space above the floor, in line with the deodorizer below; replace the air around the deodorizer with polluted oxygen and allow the building to run; Allow duplicants to sweep items from anywhere and fill the container. (Make sure to maintain the deodorizer to keep it running)

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

This was reported already and will be fixed in the new update. In the preview you can test it. For reference see this two bug reports:


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