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Micronutrient Fertilizer is not listed as one of the storage items

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After placing a Farm Station the produced Micronutrient Fertilizer is not being listed in the items list on the right, nor is it available in the storage containers for selection.

Using build OC-254091

Steps to Reproduce
Build a Farm Station, have a dup as a farmer use the station to produce Micronutrient Fertilizer and try to find it being listed in the items list or in the storage container - it's not there.
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User Feedback

This is an issue for the auto-sweeper too. Currently my auto-sweeper ignores the micronutrient fertilizers on the floor. It kinda breaks my automate farm.

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Yup, this is pretty annoying for trying to automate farms. Still an issue in the Launch Update. Obviously you still need a dupe to apply the fertilizer, but you ought to be able to automate the transfer, or store extra.

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