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Microbe Musher stores food and doesn't allow use

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I keep running out of wheat and finally checked the musher. It's making some berry sludge, but it's storing over 200 wheat and it isn't making what it should be. Especially when I have dupes idle I would think that they would complete cooking tasks.


Steps to Reproduce
I don't know what it took to pull this off. Clearly it's been happening for a while so I can't trace it back far enough to pinpoint it. Also how have you still not fixed the integer values for the seeds yet?

User Feedback

I had the same issue with an electric grill, and only noticed when "unpermitted food" popped up. The grill was full of ingredients for the recipe.

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Same trouble here. It happens with all building that store resources for use from time to time (kiln, refinery, apothecary etc.). Dupes move resources into building, but dont see them if it wasnt used for some reason. For food temporary solution is to select stored food and compost/decompost it so it will drop on the ground and dupes will see it again.


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