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Metal/Ore and smooth hatch balance

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Guys it's not a bug but.
Could you add a possibility to actually build items from pure metals that was builded from Ores. And feed smooth hatches something different then Ores. Cause if you grown them, and all other hatches already died soon you would be in situation when you didn't have any Ores only pure metals. And when you couldn't continue to feed hatches.
It really needs to rebalance.
And after 300-400 cycles you have only pure metals, even if you discovered eny vulcano and buried in space so you couldn't build that stuff:
- Airflow/Mesh tiles
- Any doors except bunker.
- Any industrial machinery
- Kitchen and Bath stuff
- Any standart pumps
- Radiant gas pipes
- Fire pole
- lamps
etc. Almost everything what was build from ores. And also in this situation you couldn't fix that stuff and craft atmosuits.

Also could we have a possibilty to buil ladders from metals?

Steps to Reproduce
Feeding smooth hatches by all ores.

User Feedback

Wait. Your reasoning for bothering the devs with a suggestion that something needs to be re-balanced is only because you let your normal hatches die out? Then maybe just not do that next time? Always keep a normal hatch around.

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No. He refined all his ores with the smooth hatches. Now he doesn't have any ores left so he can't build anything that's made out of ores.

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