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Metal refinery high temp leak

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(Steam latest version) Metal refinery producing steel, when income water becomes 40+ deg broke outcome water tube. I stop refinery, but refinery remain contains 1500+ kg of 150+ deg water!? I repair the tibe but suddenly refinery becomes 150+ deg hot & broke waterout pipe again!? I do the tidy & repair again. Next cycle it comes again.

Deconstructing refinery release water & did kill a few dupl's with hi temp & a lot of steam, but it is not a bug. 

Why do refinery become hot only when i repair the tube? And why it contain co much how water?

GREAT THANKS for a outstanding game.

What about to release a non-free DLC? I wish U to get commertial success for developing a new awesome game!

Good LUCK 2 U!

5001 Cycle 265.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Run the savegame.

User Feedback

Same here.

After only 1 steel made, and the outside pipe made out of abyssalite just repaired ... it brokes again. :-/

If you take a look at the temperature in the insulated pipe, it's of only 83 °C. :-/



PS : Maybe the gaz and liquid pipes should show their overheat temperature. ;)

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