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OK so the screen shot is the result after I started to destroy everything to try and stop it just destroying the entire ice biome (too late by this point).  So basically what happened is that my Metal Refinery was still working, even though the exit pipe had been broken by a temperature change (from cold ice biome to the hot exit water after I hadn't used it for a bit).  It kept going for a while until the temp was over 380 degrees and just radiating and destroying things near it, I couldn't get it fixed so I emptied it from the machine and then on the ground and WOW that was a mistake!

Basically it seems the machine doesn't stop when it no longer has an exit (it only stopped for me as it melted the power generator next to it which ran the water pump feeding it), it instead starts to make lava... The machine was made of Ceramic and the second image is from an earlier save before I destroyed the area.

Edit - Added a video.




Steps to Reproduce
Build a metal refinery in an ice biome, let the pipes get too cold, they break and make sure it's not fixed while it keep making stuff, the temp inside will get insane but the device itself won't break.

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.... ....

Issue allready known.

It's not du to the ice biome. The output pipe just break because the water temperature at the output was above the evaporation limit.

From that point, the refinery still works but although just adding more liquid, the temperature of the ouput liquid goes up more and more.

Take a look at your second screen, the polluted water had reached 384°C. That why you got an "explosion" of steam when you have deconstructed it. ;)


Please search a bit before posting a "new" bug. This one was signalled agan, and again, and again ... ;)

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