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Memory leaks?

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Linux Pending

Over some time, the game grows to consume all 8 Gb of my RAM. Then it wants more, so heavy swapping kicks in, and it's not easy to close it, so I have to notice it before it hits the limit and restart the game.

I did not have this issue at the time of Expressive Upgrade. Now I came back (game version Q1-303707, Steam), and this is the only visible effect of the "Quality of Life" upgrade. %)

Is it possible to opt in for a preview branch if I'm playing the game on Steam? I could check if this bug is already fixed in the newer versions.

Steps to Reproduce
Just start a new game, play for... maybe about an hour?.., LOAD OFTEN. I think loading a saved game contributes to this, or maybe even causing it!

User Feedback

@darkpenguin : You can opt-in into preview branch by right clicking on the game in your library and going to the "betas" tab. You can then select the branch you want to load. Be aware that you should make a copy of your save in case it crashes too much and want to go back to QoL1 afterwards.

Hope it helps !

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The issue persists even in the preview branch (QoL Mk2).

On this System, each load of a map (be that the same map or different maps) increases Memory usage by around 250MB - 300MB

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Loading has nothing to do with it. Just play for an hour or more. The real issue is the auto-save I guess. Every time it uses a bit more memory until you run out of memory.

Windows will complain and say you need to close programs and ONI will display the "Wormhole ate my game" error popup.

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