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  1. I'm ok with the constant temp output, but will adapt if needed. It will be troublesome for early mid game and challenging for new players if the output is tied to the input temp. However, I'm more put off by the fact that dupes can shower / wash off food poisoning germs by using a sink / shower that is filled with clean water infested by food poisoning. I'd much rather see that addressed before the constant temperature output devices.
  2. Currently the Smart Storage Compactor has very few uses over a standard compactor (most of these niche and requiring significantly more automation to work as intended). As it stands that 60W is hard to justify as it is so expensive (space wise) to make use of that logic. Often the automation will fail as dupes / sweepers remove a tiny amount from the smart compactor sending the logic to standby. What I'd like to see is a slider under the max storage labelled active a la smart batteries. So that the maximum storage is decoupled from the logic activation. The logic on the fridge should require power to activate.
  3. I get having the mechanic for dupes dropping items due to changing tasks, but the loss of the sweep flag on the dropped items is far too annoying. If the argument is that the dupe picked up the x amount marked item then a further y amount we don't want to have the y amount inherit the sweep flag. I'd rather have the x+y now both be flagged for sweeping.
  4. IMHO the egg cracker isn't usable as it is currently:- dupes grabbing random eggs from around the map (esp from stables) means that it doesn't get used. By the time you have an incubator you usually have enough egg production to just sweep to storage and let the egg crack in storage. The egg cracker needs a "Sweep only' toggle or 'From storage only' toggle so that dupes grab eggs from the player intended locations. adding my vote for extended omelette recipes.
  5. Memory leaks?

    The issue persists even in the preview branch (QoL Mk2). On this System, each load of a map (be that the same map or different maps) increases Memory usage by around 250MB - 300MB