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Memory leak - UI related?

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There is certainly a memory leak in the oil update (game eating up 8 gb of ram+swap after some time) and I think I located at least one possible cause of it.

I noticed that after the game gets all laggy due to leaked memory, opening menus of specific buildings is unbearably slow, even compared to usual lag from memory leaks. I noticed it with pneumatic door (was herding pufts).

Steps to Reproduce
Not sure. Select buildings over and over while observing memory usage?

User Feedback

Cycle 1033 - Memory Leaks.sav

I have experienced this too. It starts slowing down pretty fast on 3x speed and just gets worst. On stream, I need to restart about once an hour because it's unbearably slow at that point. Hopefully, a file can help nail down the issue.

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