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  1. This isn't really a bug, but the late game can still be rather laggy. I thought I'd try and help by sending a late game rather laggy file incase more files might still help. A annoying part of the lag is when dupes stand around for 10 seconds so before they are assigned their next job which is just 1-2 tiles away. Eadra QoL Cycle 1594.sav
  2. I have the same bug. I also am on a CU created file that I opened with EU. I do not think I had a power failure, but I wasn't watching when it happened I noticed it a while later. I will included my file was well. More stuff couldn't hurt right? EU Cycle 1249.sav
  3. Cycle 1033 - Memory Leaks.sav I have experienced this too. It starts slowing down pretty fast on 3x speed and just gets worst. On stream, I need to restart about once an hour because it's unbearably slow at that point. Hopefully, a file can help nail down the issue.
  4. My game crashed, I believe due to high cycles. The game crashed right after the autosave in cycle 1612. When reopening the Cycle 1612 save it crashes right after you unpause. I have included the cycle 1612 save, as well as the auto save for a couple cycles before hand so if I'm wrong on why the crash happened you might be able to piece it together. Stream starts here Cycle 1612.sav Stream starts here Cycle 1610.sav
  5. I have gotten Wheezeworts to reduce the temperatures of hydrogen to below -200 degrees without becoming Stifled. My stream viewers believed it was a problem with other gasses at higher temperatures in the wheezeworts, However, some of the wheezeworts only contained -200 C hydrogen gas and were not stifled. I believe it has to do with the vacuum at the base of the wheezeworts that forms when wheezeworts are next to one another. I'm not very good at bug reports, but I have video you might be bale to gleam more out of https://www.twitch.tv/videos/133895290 Starting at about the 1:52:00 mark. Sorry I can't be of more help.