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Memory Leak issue associated with autosave

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This problem also exists in Windows and the Live Branch, but I did all my recent testing in Linux.  Starting with this save -- 5cb3cc6f3d94c_TheDarkestCitadel.sav -- that was linked in this thread: 

I ran several tests.  After running for close to 100 cycles, the game's memory footprint increased by about 700mb.  I then loaded a mod ( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1706146115 ) that disabled the auto-save feature and ran for 20 cycles with negligible increase to the memory footprint.  I also saved the game multiple times in a row and saw the same memory footprint increase as seen while using auto-save.  There was also a minor FPS performance hit following each autosave that, over 60 cycles or so added up to about 5fps.  Quitting to the desktop and reloading the game at that point removed the performance hit.  This drop in FPS was not observed while running with the mod that disables autosave.

Additionally, if you load the game, quit to the main menu, then load it again, each time you load you will increase the game's memory footprint by 400mb or so.  Quitting to the main menu does not appear to release the map from memory.


Steps to Reproduce
Run a high-cycle game for multiple cycles and observe the memory footprint growth. Reload from the desktop and notice that memory is now free. Run the same number of cycles with auto-save disabled and observe the is no memory growth.
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User Feedback

Both are known problems. If you go back to menu, and load again, some of the date wont get purged from memory. This is long known issue. Quitting the game was always the best option, and it even is much faster. This may be related to unity-engine, because i encountered this with other unity games too.

As for the memory usage over time, this is indeed related to the cycle reports. They kept stored in memory the whole time, while playing. This is also a long known issue.

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My game is increasing memory when I pause and minimize. Just play a few pause and minimize cycles and then the memory starts to fade to the point where the system is forced to close the game. Is this a known issue? would it have to do with autosave? This game ... Because I play in my free time here in my office, and whenever an appointment appears I have to pause and minimize, but soon the game closes beyond slowing down the computer.

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