Mechanized Airlock intermittently destroying water

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

Hi. Using Public Testing Branch.

I built critter slaughterer room using Water x Mechanized Airlocks x Automation.

It work for a few cycles but somehow the water start being destroyed in the process until it runs dry.


The idea is submerge eggs/critters under water for a period and close the michanized airlock to move the water and meat up.

I use the automation to control when the airlocks will be open/closed and prevent both being closed at the same time.


I witnessed one time when the water, when moved up, lost about half of its mass. 











Steps to Reproduce

Open my save file.

Turn on the Liquid Shutoff and let about 950kg of water in the room.

Wait a few cycles and notice the water being destroyed, even the two doors not being closed at the same time.

Player.log Public Test Branch.sav DxDiag.txt

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