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  1. Memory leak is when an application allocates memory and then "forgets" about it and it's never returned. Allocating memory is fine it's required for game objects and then garbage collector frees up unused objects' memory time to time. What would show a memory leak is a gradual increase in memory usage over a long time with the same map content.
  2. Algae Terrarium is able to suck in water if placed in water which saves A LOT of duplicant time and that is not described anywhere in the game docs.
  3. On the starting screen "mailing list" button leads to opening a link which results in displaying an error "The Steam ID was not recognized.". I had an issue doing that in Windows as well, same error I think. What I wanted to do is to subscribe for DLC release notification by email.
  4. I get the same bug with dupe stuck at eternal digging. Usually happens with unstable tiles like sand and regolith. I attach a save just in case, dupe stuck at mining regolith at the bottom of a rocket. Home.sav
  5. It would be nice to be able to choose "Any" material and then Dupes would pick one which is closer to find. Most of the time it doesn't matter which material to use. And the one laying around makes building faster.
  6. It's also using constant 120W if enabled and set to "Open". Which is not supposed to be happening I guess.
  7. Log file from that game. PS Crashed on exit from main menu btw. output_log.txt
  8. See save file attached. I have a large water tank on the left with airflow tiles in its wall. It's supposed to be holding water but it's leaking. TB-247630 Paradise.sav