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Materials smaller than a gram need to be fixed so temperature exchange works properly

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This has been an issue for quite some time. Is this ever going to be fixed?

Steps to Reproduce

Spawn in some really hot material at less than a gram into a super cold area and notice it stays hot. Spawn in some really cold material at less than a gram into a super hot area and notice it stays cold.

User Feedback

I would really like to see this one fixed too and I wanted to add info to the bug in question. So I have a gold and copper volcano and I cool them by creating a loop of rail passing in water/steam. I cool them down relatively well when at 20kg, but somehow the further it is from 20kg the more time it seems to take to cool it off. For the exact same time and in the same loop of item my 20kg of gold is down to 190C but my 18.3kg is down to 429C and my 1907mcg of gold still is at 954.7C and didn't go down at all even after a couple of minute. It's really clogging the system. My guess is the code is lowering the heat(energy) exchange speed the less mass the item has, instead of lowering the overall heat(energy) capacity.

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Maybe an easy fix, when loaders transport a minimum amount of mass . 100 grams should do the trick.

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I personally think it has to relate to a bug that I posted about conveyor loaders treating the last load that they send as having the total mass of however much they loaded that it was part of.

Example: Loader was loaded with 100 kg of material, all but the last 20 kg of the 100 kg loaded are treated as having a mass of 20 kg, with the last being considered being 100kg (at least this is the way it seems since i observe this behavior with my volcano power facility).

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