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Massive mass deletion in a steam box

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A common practice in late-game builds is to use a steam box and put Petroleum Generators inside, so that their Polluted Water instantly flash to Steam, then processed by Steam Turbines and fed back to Oil Wells, then into a petroleum boiler, to complete a loop. That loop is supposed to be 750g/s water positive, as shown on this picture

: Petroleum_loop.png

However, depending on how those steam box are built, there can be massive Steam deletion, as shown on this short video:

When this room started functionning, there was no issue, but as Steam was absorbed by Steam Turbine gulped the Steam and the CO2 pressure rose up, it started being more frequent, up to the point when there is practically no Steam being created at all. The output of Petrooleum generators just vanish.

My theory:

  • pwater droplets exit the generators
  • those droplets encounter the solid floor and try to enter the world
  • If there is CO2 there, the CO2 gets displaced, pwater droplets form as a bead into the world, and instantly flash to Steam.
  • If there is Steam there surrounded by CO2, the Steam cannot be displaced, and the pwater droplet doesn't appear into the world (or the pwater appears and delete the Steam instead? The result would be the same)

Fixing this issue might solve a lot of the remaining mass deletion in steam boxes still present to this day despite previous fixes.

Here is the offending save file displaying the behavior:

No geyser challenge Cycle 324.sav

I'll use a workaround of using Airflow / Mesh tiles, but that's really not expected behavior.

Steps to Reproduce
  • Build a Steambox with Petroleum generator and a solid floor.
  • Let CO2 pressure build up and Steam be absorbed by turbines
  • Notice after a while that nearly no new Steam is created.

User Feedback

Do you know if this happened before The Big Merge Update? I'm wondering if it's changes we made to the sim during Spaced Out development or not.

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Why rely on memory when we can test? I reverted to CS-469300 and built a functionally identical setup in sandbox.

It did happen before The Big Merge Update, as shown on in this save file, where I tested with a Steam atmosphere (no issue) and a CO2 atmosphere which triggers the same massive Polluted Water/Steam mass deletion. It is instantly visible, especially with the Gas Overlay mod

Test pet generators room pre MD.sav

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