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Mass of liquid sponanteously increasing in an enclosed room

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This is an issue plaguing infinite storage systems, making them unintentionally more powerful than they should be.  If you put 2,000,000 kg of water per tile in a 2x2 confined space, it will grow exponentially, increasing from the total of 8,000,000 kg of water to 8,497,500 kg water after a few cycles.  This repeats every few cycles, increasing the mass of the water proportionally to the mass that currently exists on every instance, resulting in exponential or super-exponential mass increase.

This also happens in larger dimensions, but I feel this 2x2 instance is one of the smallest cases instances where this happens.

This effect occurs fairly frequently in bases that use infinite storage, resulting absurd masses of water that would have taken orders of magnitude more time to generate than they currently have.

I found an exact in-game tick where happened in the thread below, and thought perhaps devs, with better access to the simulation, could track down the cause and perhaps even fix it.

I think it is related to the concept of rapid liquid expansion, as discussed in the post below, but I have had trouble pinning it down further than that.


Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a 2x2 room encased in neutronium or airflow tiles.
  2. Using debug, fill the room with water in a specific configuration
    1. Bottom Left tile is 2010003.5 kg water
    2. Top Left tile is 1990278.0 kg water
    3. Top Right tile is 1989940.8 kg water
    4. Bottom Right tile is 2009777.5 kg water
  3. Progress the game one simulation tick.
  4. Observe the large mass increase in the top right tile, as well as the net increase in mass from 8,000,000 kg to ~8,497,500 kg
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