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Mass loss when reloading a world with 100k+ lumps of resources

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(has been briefly mentioned in the latest devstream, but I can't see the report here, so for the sake or redundancy..)

When large lumps of resources accumulate on a single tile with the size around 100k, on world reload their size gets reset to some 1-5k. It doesn't seem to be related to integer overflow, though, as, for example, 105k and 110k lumps are both "rounded down" to 1k. This is noticeable during normal play if you're using the "quantum stockpile" technique by constantly emptying the compactors, which generates progressively larger lumps of ores under them.

This is on AU-220294

Steps to Reproduce
- In debug mode, paint a couple of tiles of resources, i.e, a couple of Clay tiles with a 300K temp and different masses (i.e. 210k and 220k); - Order a dupe to mine the tiles. You'll get lumps of 105k and 110k coal lying on the ground. - Save the world and immediately reload. Watch the lumps become much smaller.

User Feedback

This is intentional. Stop doing it.

"<name> is attempting to serialize a very large mass. Resetting to default."

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Just had this happen in my hatch pit. Watched it happen live on stream, then reloaded and watched it happen again.

103 tonnes of coal sat in my hatch area - next second the hatches walked over, "did their business" and all that remained was 600kg :(

Seemed to occur at the turn of the cycle - so was replicated easily.... Coal stealing bastar.......


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Why would this be intentional? I could understand if it were coded this way as an oversight, but don't see any reason why it should continue to stay that way. It doesn't make sense, and would help performace with large bases so we don't have to have 700 compactors. I'de really love to see a bigger storage bin or something.

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