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Map generation bug

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One of the geysers have generated at the edge of the map, is encased in neutronium and therefore it is not accessible. Arboria seed no.: 711041358Untitled.thumb.png.5e03fefc3fbdeece2ee8e7f991a50df0.png1.thumb.png.3d04bf31ac8f6cd7e71c365199d42809.png


Steps to Reproduce
Generate map with seed provided.
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User Feedback

I have a similar issue on Arboria seed 1223116479 on the right side towards the bottom of the map.  Not the covered geyser in the middle of the screenshot but in the Neutronium directly to the right of it.  Has a single space gap in the neutronium so I'll send in the army of space kittens but no dupes allowed.


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