Loops and how to report them?

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This is the follow up of this:

How can i report loops? like 2. 3. ? Do i upload my save? Do you need video proof? Do you even fix loops?


Steps to Reproduce
Playing the game.

User Feedback

.... ....

nearly a month, and no response, that shows how usefull it is to report bugs here.


I dont want to play anymore anyway, too bugged, will look at it the next patch but im very certain they wont fix it. (or cant, i dont know)

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@eihns We definitely would like the dupes to behave as well as possible, or to make it more clear what they are trying to do. For something like Duplicants running in loops, the best thing is to see if they still do it after a save/load, and if so, send us the save file.  Dupe AI has a lot of factors so the save file is usually the only thing that helps us determine what's happening. 

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