"Lit Workplace" buff reduces caloric intake of Duplicants

Red Shark
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I set up 4 "experiment cells" with the following properties:

 - Lamp (Rowan)
 - Lamp + Mess Table (Nails)
 - Mess Table (Nikola)
 - Empty Control Cell (Jean)

Using sandbox mode, I spawned in the above duplicants, and they all had identical calorie counts. Since they were in a small, climate-controlled room, there is nothing to spend excess calories on, and so they should remain at the same calorie count if they are fed the same items.


Each duplicant was given a single Mushbar (again, sandbox mode spawned), which should have added an equivalent 800 calories. And yet, now you see how the light has done it's evil work -- Nails and Rowan both are hungrier than their peers. (With Nails having sacrificed an additional 10 kcal to feed the dining table - something the canny Nikola avoided due to not using his dining table (despite it being assigned -- an unrelated bug, presumably).

The Quarantined Acropolis.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Have two duplicants with identical calorie counts begin consuming food. Have one of the duplicants be in a lit tile (receiving the "Lit Workplace" buff) Serve the duplicants an equivalent amount of kCals Note that, after eating, the kCal delta between the two duplicants is different. Mess halls also had a small effect

Status: Fixed

This issue has been fixed in either a future version or updated in a previous version.

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

"Lit workspace" makes dupes work 15% faster, guess how much calories they lost in the lit workspace, around 15%.
So yeah nice buff, but remember to chew slowly, oh I didn't understand why the hell the lit mess table makes him lose other 10 cal.
Edit 1; after 2 other round of try I understood why there's a 10 cal difference, it depends (I think) on the time at which they start eating as the calories counter goes down by 1 and up by 10 every tick so maybe if they start at some different frame they may end up missing the update and "eating" 10 cal less or more.
I also put a simple cooling mechanism to make sure that homeostasis was not active during the experiment. But maybe it's intended, gotta eat fast and get back to work sooner.

the first save is my first attempt, the second and the third are those which are ready to use to try it, basically the third is the second one some minutes ahead.

eating bug pre eating.sav

eating bug 1 schedule before.sav

eating bug 2 take.sav

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explained the file i uploaded

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Changed Status to Known Issue

Changed Note: to Good find, taking a look!

Good find, taking a look!

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