Liquid overpressure on dripping

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I met this strange thing in my game,So I disabled all my mods and created a new sandbox mode game.

I was not able to have exact conditions to have this replicated, but was getting this error on every 2nd or 3rd try. 

as you can see salt water is dripping to form an infinite salt water tile damaging nearby tiles.  I was trying to change liquids, dropping height, remove reservoirs, still happens at random for me.






Steps to Reproduce

The Invisible Asteroid.sav


Drip  liquid to 3X1 or 4x1 tile deep pool, Put liquid vent on 5th tile, 7th tiles from the botttom, wait till the pressure start damaging nearby tiles.

There are 2 saves with reproduced issue for different liquids.

The Invisible Asteroid_height.png

User Feedback


Aren't the gas tiles above the liquid the ones that are causing the problem? Having 2-3 different gases above any liquid prevents the liquid of forming tiles vertically when reaching the appropriate mass.

image.thumb.png.12a2cb2d534c3434cfa532ddb0e115ff.png image.png.e0d58f45d59efc4b156471b860954a82.png 

"Simple" rules of water falling :rolleyes: (or... one step before an escher waterfall)


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.... ....

well you may call this as bug, because in reality it should not happen, also those game walls are 1m by calc water mass

and two tile 2m by dupe height.


in reality it happens something like  this, blue ones are gas


anyway for avoid this in game atm, use the airflow tiles

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yes, now  I know whats happening. Just did 2tile deep well(instead 2), extended 2 tiles more to finish construction.

Up to you to decide is that a bug or not.

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