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Liquid Fuel Tank ejects petroleum content when clicked on

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Planet Badass (PV6.1) RocketRetu.sav

Issue: Fuel tanks eject their petroleum content as bottles when selected.

This only happens to the top most fuel tank on my rockets with 2 and 3 tanks respectively.

This happens every time they return and start to be refueled immediately again.

(You can also see another issue: the fill level indicator of the bottom fuel tanks are showing no content even though the tanks are full)

Here is a clip of it happening:

Oxygen Not Included 2018.12.12 -

Steps to Reproduce
- Build rocket with petroleum fuel tanks. - Fill tanks with petroleum pipes - Launch rocket and wait for return - Have the tanks automatically refueled by the connected pipe - select the top most fuel tank and see the content drop out as bottle

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

I guess the top tanks are those with configured limit of less than 900 kg of fuel, right?

I just wanted to add, that in my experience it only occurs for fuel tanks with a limit of less than 900 and only after game reload. So if you have a properly fueled rocket and you save/load a game then the tank continues to be fueled like it doesn't remember to limit fueling at set limit. But when you click on it then some update happens and at that point the tank starts to remember its limit but it is already overfilled so the drop happens. After that if you launch a rocket and wait for its return (without reloading the game) then the set limit is ok, clicking on fuel tanks doesn't drop anything.

BTW the liquid oxidizer tank doesn't seem to have that kind of problem. The old oxidizer tank with mixed oxidizers had.

P.S. After game loads and before unpausing you can click on tanks to prevent the drops. That's what I've been using lately. Of course it only works if the rocket is still on the ground.

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It was NOT fixed correctly!

Look at this:


Yes, it doesn't drop the fuel now, but it doesn't limit its filling either.

Now it's even worse because now it requires rebuilding the fuel tank instead of simply clicking on it.


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