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Liquid bridge working when blocked

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  In this case i purposely didn't finish pipeline of water from plastic production, however it somehow snips into petroleum pipeline. Was making sure if it doesn't come from the other input, but what i can see for sure is that it goes and dissapears as it goes into liquid bridge, which tells that "pipe blocked".


Steps to Reproduce
Liquid pipes management, empty bridge with water coming over full pipe of petroleum

User Feedback

I think you refer to the bridge coming from the pump, crossing the petroleum line?

As far as i can see, there is very little water coming down that pipe. Bridges itself are some kind of mini-storage. They can store a decent amount before the pipe behind it will fill up. And yes it wont show you, whats inside. To make it even worse, deconstructing bridges wont release the stored content. 

I´m sure, if you build something at your open end of the line, the water will appear once again.

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Bridges don't store liquids. It simply transfer what's at it's input, directly to the output.


@Smellz : your issue may be due to some water in the slickster room. have this amount of petroleum on 8 tiles, but not on the 2 iltes of the pump. So, maybe you have some water in this pool.

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@Gwido, yes, it's true. It's due to some strange behaviour of airlock behind steam room, steam teleports and condensates in neighbouring rooms (one with slickers and one with oil refinery) instantly as duplicants pass the last doors of airlock behind steam room even though these rooms are sealed at given moment. But it's a whole different bug.

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