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Linux Ubuntu 19 - Game Freezes PC when selecting object GUI

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Game freezes the computer in what may be a case of selecting a dupe. When selecting a Dupe the game will show nothing in it's current errands and will freeze both game and computer, needing to do a cold reboot. This has happened to me thrice.

Attached player.log and lshw information.

Steps to Reproduce
Start Game > Select Some Dupe If the game doesn't show current errands of selected dupe will freeze.

User Feedback

Last line of your log: 

[03:55:18.973] [1] [WARNING] Trying to stop a song that isn't playing: Music_SelectDuplicant

And then nothing more. I assume this is where the game crashes, and its related to your issue of selecting dupes.

Normally the engine should just ignore this, and move on. There is nothing to do, and so there is nothing happening. 

But there are also those event handler errors that trouble me.... 

I guess this is something the devs have to look into. 

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Got another freeze: this time when opening a GUI from the reffinery right when going into a button. I suspect this issue has to be when the game tries to render some the interface of a selected object and from what I gather the computer may hang.

I'll put another player.log but it cuts just the same as the last one.

Also yet another freeze, last entry was something like: [WARNING] AdjustLoad() failed


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another crash...

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