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Lagging game when building gas pipes (but liquid pipes are also affected but with a lower effect)

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When you already built a lot of gas pipes then it takes longer and longer to build new gas pipes. Every grid of a gas pipe will initiate a full map calculation for the gas flow (It's my theory) in the pipes and it is a CPU heavy action. So for example, if you build a 20 grid long gas pipe than after each piece is ready the game will be frozen for a short period of time. This causing that a 5 minutes long day in the game can be 15 or 20 minutes long if you are building gas pipes through the base (I have a big colony over 60 dupes). 
The same problem goes for the liquid pipes too (but it looks like that it's much less pressure on my computer. Don't know why.).

This problem is a deal breaker because the game is unplayable when your base reaches a maturity level (when the gameplay should be the most enjoyable). I was expecting that every building job will be done in a very short period of time because I have lot's of dupes...but happens the opposite because the architecture of the base is too complex and the game starts to lag.

So I will stop playing it till this issue exists. :/ Please check it and do something with it.

Even if the gas flow recalculation would be triggered by a piece of gas in a new pipe would be better because than the game freeze would only happen once for every new pipe system (and not as many times as many grids are parts of the gas pipe system).

I have an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7600K CPU @ 3.80GHz.

4 (1).sav

Steps to Reproduce
1. Load the game. 2. Set the priority of all the jobs on the map to 5. 3. Build a 20 grid long gas pipe connected to the existing system. (with priority 9 to force this job to be the number one)
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Sorry, but thats not a bug, its how the system works. Yes it becomes annoying at a certain point, but it is, what it is.

And yes, you´re right, It remaps the whole pipe-network, everytime you make a change, addition, removal. 

You must be a new player to this game. It was way, way worse a few months ago, prior to multihreading pipe-calculations.

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Man you are kind. :) But I know it was much worst and I have 700 hours of game so I think I am not new.  :) 

And I reported this because if this stays like this then this game will be unplayable if you are good in it ( I mean if you are good and like this game you will build a huge and complex base...).


"It was way, way worse a few months ago, prior to multihreading pipe-calculations." You are mixing up things. That optimization was about the gas flow calculation in free "open air" and it was not about the gas pipes and gas pipe flow's calculation. So now the free gas flow does not freeze your game cause of that update. And an intresting thing that from that update now the heavier gas does not always goes down to the right. So it's much realistic. Just like the liquid flow...blablabla

But these optimizations were not about the pipes even if you think that the gas is in the pipe is also gas so it was updated if the free (open air) gas flow was optimized.

And I think (because I am a programer too) that they could manage to optimize the PIPE gas flow calculation. Okay I do not have the newest CPU but it's still a beast I think. I have an insane cooler and my CPU runs on 4.2 GHz and it is still not enough to run this game (on 4 cores).


So :) My point that the PIPE gas flows and the PIPE liquid flows are not yet optimized. :) So please vote on this issue if you agree that it is annoying and then the developers will have their task from the management and they will have allocated time to make this better. Because I am pretty sure that they can if they have the time to do it!

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