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Kiln not using resources

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When using the kiln it sometimes completes an order, delivering the end products but without using any of the coal or clay supplied to it. This then remains sitting in the building's storage. This seems to be completely random with about 50% of orders not using the resources. I have included a screenshot in which I had just completed 6 orders of ceramic but as shown there is still 400kg of clay and 100kg of coal sitting unused in storage. This also manifests when making refined carbon.


Steps to Reproduce
Make several batches of ceramic or refined carbon, check building contents.

User Feedback

just tested it :D That's your new coal generator


I spawned 600 kg of coal and made 4 batches of refined carbon(4x125=500). result - 400 refined carbon and 350 coal remaining.

Unfortunately output is still less than input, so you're actually not generating, but you can still consider this as a generous discount.

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