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Kiln "dances", can't complete job

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Kilns that are repeatedly disabled and re-enabled by automation will eventually enter a weird state where they do the finish production animation repeatedly, but can't actually complete any job.

To fix this, either save+load or clearing the job and issuing it again is needed.

Steps to Reproduce
Set up a kiln with automation. Queue a job for it and fill it. While it is working, disable it and re-enable it a few times (5 should be enough), waiting 3 seconds between each state change. The kiln should now be bugged.

User Feedback

Adding more information and some guesses:

This "dancing" will also happen without automation; I've seen my own kiln "dancing" too (maybe because of loading game?).

My guess is, even though it should continue to the end if you "continue" a kiln from halfway, the kiln seems to detect it doesn't have enough resources to start a job...

So it seems like if you ask it restart then, it'll start because there ARE valid resources, but immediately stop after because there's not actually "enough" loaded in order to start the job from the beginning, but restart again because there ARE resources... and repeat... and repeat... so it "dances"

Temp solution is to clear the kiln's storage; the dupes will load it back up to full again. This way it will start properly and continue to the end as intended.

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