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  1. Unable to start a new game

    Please note: unable to reproduce bug after most recent mini-patch.
  2. Unable to start a new game

    As the title: unable to start a new game from the main menu... if a few steps are done first. See steps to reproduce
  3. Consistant crashes

    Please note that I am starting to think that the metal refinery is at fault. The game has not crashed even once after I put some filters in place to make sure the water input is only pWater (instead of a pWater/Oil mix) Also somehow managed to "distill" some Petroleum from the Oil. Somehow.
  4. Kiln "dances", can't complete job

    Adding more information and some guesses: This "dancing" will also happen without automation; I've seen my own kiln "dancing" too (maybe because of loading game?). My guess is, even though it should continue to the end if you "continue" a kiln from halfway, the kiln seems to detect it doesn't have enough resources to start a job... So it seems like if you ask it restart then, it'll start because there ARE valid resources, but immediately stop after because there's not actually "enough" loaded in order to start the job from the beginning, but restart again because there ARE resources... and repeat... and repeat... so it "dances" Temp solution is to clear the kiln's storage; the dupes will load it back up to full again. This way it will start properly and continue to the end as intended.
  5. Consistant crashes

    [qol_1_testing] branch, the latest i think (298494). Included is the save file, as well as some random .dmp file I found that seems to be useful. (Couldn't get the output log files, because I couldn't find "...\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\output_log.txt". Couldn't find MDMP File also, but that is apparently for Don't Starve Together) Attached file crashes consistently a cycle or two after loading. Given that it ran for 100+ cycles without problems, something funny is going on. IIRC, I have not built any new technologies in the map other than the following (about the last 5 to 10 cycles) : Large paintings here and there. New Drekko Stable. Metal Refinery. Reassigned Dupe's beds and meal table. Air tank storage for the natural gas geyser (also, finally started up the natural gas generators with the geyser's inputs). (Finally) fixed a problem with the hydrogen injection system under the "powerplant" (2 sensors, one not gate, one cutoff valve) Also, the pH2O water tank looks weird: I've been putting pH2O ice in there so it should cool down some, but the entire tank seems to be cooling off a little too quickly. The Ultra Spacecamp.sav SimDLL_CRASH_preview_298560_20181208-23.40.12.dmp
  6. There are no inputs, yet I keep getting "free" output packets of hydrogen. This persists despite saving and reloading the game (save file included below). On a similar note, other mechanical filters I had elsewhere are now broken on load; despite being fully primed with hydrogen they "accept" packets of other air, and thus stopped working as "intended". (this is not included in the save file; at the time of save, I was converting my air production to use air filters instead) Timeline.sav
  7. Drip Storage

    Poured in... (Note the 1200+ volume) Edit: ... Either this is a possible false alarm, or things fixed themselves when I reloaded the game. Dripping more p.water in screenshot attached. Have also attached the save file of the very moment the first picture was taken. The Viral Space Hut.sav
  8. Drip Storage

    I know this has been posted before elsewhere, but here's another use-case: Note the volume of liquid at the bottom. I betcha if I POUR the polluted water in, this wouldn't happen. I'll provide screenshots (later) of what would happen if... a) I pour the entire upper reservoir in. And b) I drip more in
  9. Cretter Feeder can't feed Drecko

    That's because Dreckos feed on the PLANT, not the plant's products. You need to grow a few plants inside your stable for the Dreckos to feed on.
  10. Flying Dreckos

    A picture is worth a thousand words: Dreckos can apparently hang onto an open pneumatic door. What's worse is that it will then "orbit" in the air... have not waited long enough to see if it decides to jump off back onto solid ground.
  11. As you can see from the two pictures in this link: ... a grooming station can be used even when it is not inside a stable. I'm only guessing here, but I believe the intended use is similar to a power station/farming station? That is, the station is only meant to work for and inside the room it is in?
  12. "Free range critters" exploit

    My appologies, it appears I've to update my save file mere minutes after I've posted it here. I've started the game above... and not 5 seconds in, I noticed the "overcrowded" debuff. Apparently, the size of a zone that the critters are in matters, even if it is not actually a room (or too large to be one). Sorry for not noticing that earlier. I've adjusted the free range area slightly, and viola, the critters are back to being merely "glum" until they wander back into the stable... The Future Panopticon.sav
  13. "Free range critters" exploit

    Here's the save file of the screenshot used in the above reddit post. It's been quite a few cycles afterwards (and after a base-wide crisis), but the original stable is still stable and working "as intended (?)" in the base. IIRC, there's even more critters now on the "free range level"; they thrived even while the oxygen ran out and the original +9 rancher died of asphyxiation.... The Future Panopticon.sav (Also, MatthewCline tagged this wrongly: this is the steam version of the game...)
  14. "Free range critters" exploit

    Ouch. Well, if it's an unintended thing, best to tear off the sticky tape quickly I guess...